Floor Covering and Wallpaper

We have a variety of floor covering options, ceramics for floors, walls or backsplashes, we also have vinyl flooring, in wood or tile imitation, and also a wide variety of area rugs and carpets. Come in and see our designer to help you choose the right product for you.

Wallpaper is back in style, and with good reason! Wallpaper adds plenty of character to one’s household, displaying a lot about your personality. Compared to paint, wallpaper is more efficient to clean, can last up to about 15 years, and is better at hiding any imperfections from the plaster of a wall.

In either case, the first step to any excellent floor covering or wallpaper installation is finding the right team for the job. Décor Taschereau has developed a reputation as one of the Greater Montreal Area’s most trusted names for these type of jobs, with over 40 years of careful experience under our company’s belt. Contact our team to begin inquiring your next floor covering or wallpaper project.